Not having a privacy policy can affect your google ranking

Oct 23, 2018Websites

Introducing Google TrustRank, in 2018 your website is no longer ranked based solely on keywords but rather on the relevance of your website to the user. Google uses different components of your website in their algorithm and generates a ranking accordingly.
Part of the mix is your trust score, Google uses different markers to decide whether your website is secure or not, which include:
  • The indexed age of your site. Google gives higher ranking to established websites compared to newer sites.
  • The quality of your content. The content needs to be keyword topical, useful and relevant.
  • Backlinks pointing to your website. When other authoritative and relevant websites link back to your website, this helps improve your ranking.
  • Too many external links. Having too many external links on your website can negatively affect your website, especially if the external website is regarded as unreputable.
  • Having a privacy policy, most reputable websites have a privacy policy that informs visitors if their information is collected, what information is collected and how this information is used. In some countries, having a privacy policy is also a legal requirement. Particularly if your website records personal information that can identify the user such as name, email address, banking information, etc.
Google also takes into account if you provide contact information like address, email or phone number and if you have a contact form for users to get in touch with you.

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