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Sep 7, 2018Content Marketing

Why is content marketing important?

In our complex, digital and data driven world, what skills do you think are most valuable in the workplace? Maths, science, technology and engineering are definitely all up there. But what about the art of storytelling? Humans are emotional beings. Your company may have its technicalities down-to-a-t but if you don’t know how to present your value offering well, better than your competitors, your business is going to suffer. Mediocre content doesn’t cut it. To stand out from the crowd, your prose needs to be intelligent, witty and motivating. Let’s get into specifics. Content marketing influences every facet of marketing. It goes beyond witty advertorial phrases (arguably the hardest of all content tasks), to determining where you rank in Google, to building your social following, and so the list goes on. We would go so far as saying content makes or breaks your brand. So publish information that’s of genuine interest to your audience, build a community of loyal customers and watch those leads move down the marketing funnel. Unsure whether your content ticks these boxes? We can help provide strategic and tactic advice, plus writing and editing services, to give you confidence that you’re getting it right.

Content marketing starts the conversation

Not all decisions are made on impulse like a Creme Egg at the supermarket. For higher involvement decisions, prospects often need a little love and attention before they convert into customers. This is where a great content marketing strategy can attract more attention to your business and convert more leads. Content marketing is so powerful because of it’s ability to capture an audience, educate them and build the most important thing in a relationship; trust. This can be implemented in a number of different ways, from a blog that provides insights on industry trends, to a step by step guide on how to get the most from your product. Either way, the end goal is the same. With content marketing, you’re looking to start a conversation, build up interest, and nurture the lead until they’re ready to convert. The other benefit of a well considered content strategy is it’s ability to find you new customers through Google keyword searches. With some keyword research, you can create blog articles that correlate with particular keyword searches relating to your product. The power of this strategy is that you’re actively targeting people looking for your business, so when they find you, they’re going to be easier to convert into a customer

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