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User Experience

What is user experience?

User experience refers to how you feel about a website when you land on it. Can you find what you're looking for easily? Does it serve your needs? Do you find it valuable?

If you're answering yes, it's likely the site has a well thought out information architecture (IA).

What does information architecture mean?

IA relates to the way content is organised and labelled on your site, and the pathways your customers will take to find the information they need.

A well-structured site pays dividends. You want to offer your customers a pleasant, helpful experience, and of course, this means they’ll be more likely to return.

Our team has years of experience designing information architectures for websites ranging from high profile government to private enterprise. Our Managing Director, Michael Hawkes, is considered one of the Northern Territory's leaders in this field.

How do we start organising your site's roadmap?

The answer is two-fold. The first, by clearly defining what the client hopes to achieve from the site. The second, by identifying the customer’s end goal.

Using this insight, we work out how to categorise and label your project information in a logical way. We create a sitemap, which shows the layout of your pages and the order of their hierarchy (a bit like a table of contents). We may create a wireframe; a visual representation of individual web pages, demonstrating the placement and priority of content and features.

What you need to know

The key takeaway here is with your competitors only a click away, your website needs to be easy to navigate from the outset. Well-structured content is at the heart of that.

Do you have a project that needs to shine?

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