Digital content services

We help create complex corporate, government and council websites that not only read well, but are intuitive to navigate and easy to use.

Captovate’s team of digital content specialists are experienced copywriters with specific expertise digital content marketing and website user experience.These experts help create complex corporate, government and council websites that not only read well, but are intuitive to navigate and easy to use.

Our philosophy of creating strong partnerships with our clients leads to great working relationships and excellent project results through a deeper knowledge of the organisation. Our dynamic team are available to work off-site or on-site depending on the nature of the project.

Content strategy

A digital content strategy is pivotal in the delivery of brand goals and communicating brand personality.

The strategy commences with a stakeholder workshop to ensure organisation objectives are aligned. The objective is to define target audiences, specify content platforms and provide direction around tone and manner of communications. The outcome is a working document that underpins the direction for all communications and can be referred back to at any time.

Creative copywriting

We are passionate about utilising the digital domain to bring words and visual concepts to life and we understand the nuances of how technology can influence brands and enhance customer engagement.

Our copywriting team have extensive backgrounds in journalism and content marketing, developing copy with creative flair, backed by robust research. Our team is also skilled in the creation of engaging SEO content designed to support a wider website SEO strategy.

Website migration

The design and development of a new website is just one piece of the puzzle. For organisations, the most complex and time consuming aspect of a redevelopment is the updating, restructuring and migration of content.

Our team of copywriters and journalists have extensive experience in all aspects of content migration, including:

  • Information architecture
  • Content layout and user experience
  • Content writing and editing
  • Digital management of approval processes
  • Setup of CMS workflows and permission levels
  • Implementation of SEO best practices

Depending on the nature of the project, it is common for our team to be placed within the organisation for a period of 1-4 months. Our experienced personnel are backed by our in-house marketing and technical teams.

Content management

An effective website is one that is regularly updated with great content. Our team has strong technical knowledge in a variety of CMS’s and can provide article writing, posting, management of workflows/approvals or broader web management services. Our clients choose to utilise our content management services as an alternative to hiring staff, instead gaining access to team of digital experts with strong experience in content and web management.


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