Content Marketing

A good content strategy is the backbone of your marketing communications.

Writing good website content is very different from print. It is important to think about keywords, content chunking and key calls to action.

Good digital content tells your audience what you can offer them.

The most important trick to content marketing is ensuring that your content is of value to your audience. This means understanding who your audience is, and writing it in a way that attracts them to engage with it.

Some of the key uses of content marketing are:

  • Blog articles
  • Website copy
  • Social media content
  • Enewsletter copy

However, content marketing is also a very important tool in the wider digital marketing strategy which includes:

  • Creating effective calls to action
  • Developing content for key marketing campaigns
  • Developing the creative, for example, digital banners and pay-per-click adverts
  • Search engine optimisation keywords

At Captovate we have a number of skill sets for this service, which includes copy writers, digital marketing strategists and creative content developers who can help.


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We are a full service agency specialising in all things digital.

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We are a full service agency specialising in all things digital.

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