We knew there was a need for a more streamlined Intranet product.
Tribe helps organisations connect, fostering a culture of communication and collaboration.
Background to Tribe
In 2015 we saw a commercial demand for an easy to use, communication focused Intranet/Extranet solution. The market was dominated by complex interfaces and a focus around document management with products like Microsoft Sharepoint. We set about researching the features of successful Intranets/Extranets and modeled our own product, using Drupal, based on a foundation of best practice in Intranet architecture (and lessons learnt from building a variety of Intranets/Extranets for government and private industry clients). It is important that the system is easily implemented and staff are onboard through a relatively seamless process. The system can be configured to the needs of the organisation and therefore provide flexibility into the future with the growing needs of the organisation.
Tribe is focussed on improving businesses in three key areas:

Document Distribution

Powerful and secure cloud-based document and process management


Facilitating communication and knowledge sharing across departments and locations


Increasing participation and engagement to improve productivity and retention


A successful Intranet/Extranet is one that people actually want to use.
Tribe is beautiful, simple to use and packed full of features.

File Sharing

Share key documents across the organisation

Global Search

Find documents, events, policies, procedures with ease


Communicate the latest news and updates

Activity Stream

Keep people informed with the peer-to-peer activity stream

Work Spaces

Enable teams to communicate in their own work spaces

Knowledge Base

Share the knowledge learned across the organisation

Events Calendar

Promote upcoming events and sync with personal calendars

People Directory

Find staff/people contact details and view profiles

Social Forums

Enable people to post community events, items to sell or share, good ideas

Employee Centre

Steer employees in the right direction for their onboarding requirements

Polls and Forms

Get feedback on ideas through polls and web based forms


Be notified when someone has read a document


Post organisation wide alerts for emergencies or critical events

Filters and Tags

Filter and tag content for content discovery

Active Directory

Integration with AD server. Providing Single Sign On (SSO)

Mobile Responsive

Ready to use on Tablet and Mobile Phones  (Apps coming soon)

Modular Approach

Not all features have to be turned on, allowing for customised environment

Extranet Accessibility

Members don’t require organisation email address or VPN access

Two Factor Auth

Adding that extra layer of security

Beautiful UX

Simple and easy to use with no user training required

Cloud or Onsite

Choose how you would like to host and manage

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