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Sticky mobile apps

Mobile App Design

As we know, tablets and mobile phones have changed the way we consume online content. This means a responsive website needs to be top of mind to deliver the best customer experience.

Should there be an app for that?

Captovate specialises in the UX design and development of native apps for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. A native app is stored directly onto your device and is usually downloaded from an online app store. This is in comparison to web apps: internet enabled apps accessible via your mobile web browser (think the Safari browser). 

Since we always create responsive websites, we can be more selective when it comes to apps, and evaluate this on a case by case basis.

The pros and cons of native and web apps

There's no one size fits all when it comes to apps. However, the beauty of native apps is the array of design options, fast performance, and support from the app store. Web apps on the other hand are easier to maintain but do have limited scope. The bottom line is, when it comes to apps, we'll provide you with options you're comfortable with, and of course, those that add true value to your business.

How do we build our apps?

We understand a great app needs a clean, intuitive design, backed by useful, complex functionality. But don’t be put off by the word complex! Integrations into third party and content management systems have become standard, meaning we’ll take care of the coding so you can update your app with a few easy clicks.

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