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Here at Captovate, we’re big intranet fans. We’ve deployed platforms for large and small organisations across a range of industry sectors in Australia.

We specialise in building visually engaging, easy to use communication portals, which reflect your corporate culture.

Benefits of an intranet

Intranets provide a digital workspace where employees can create, manage and distribute information. This stops ideas being stuck in silos (like people's heads!)

Intranets encourage staff to communicate and collaborate. Capturing and sharing this insight in one place really helps streamline internal business processes.

Is it worth the investment?

The results speak for themselves: simplifying internal communications directly correlates to growth and productivity company-wide.

Key intranet features

News and announcements for all staff working at the organisation. For example, letting staff know about a new procedure or announcing a new staff member. This news is controlled centrally.

Activity Stream
The activity stream allows staff to share informal information quickly and easily. 

The alert function is normally only used when a high level announcement needs to be made to all staff, and is generally only activated by a senior designated person.

Document Management
Key features include: advanced searching, permissions, drag-and-drop documents from the desktop, apply document bookmarks, a commenting area and most popular documents accessed. Search by keyword and document type.

Some examples of document types:

  • Policies - HR, OHS, Operational, Codes of Conduct, EBA, Leave, Super
  • Forms – On-boarding, leave, super, purchase orders, expenses, incidents, timesheets
  • Templates - Letterheads, faxes, powerpoint, proposals, tenders, company profile
  • Reports - Strategic Plans, Business Plan, Monthly Reports
  • Marketing - Logos, style guide, images, talent release, brochures

Knowledge Base (Wiki)
The knowledge centre allows designated people to update information quickly and easily on a web page.

Buy Swap Sell 
This section of the Intranet allows your staff to easily post items for sale, items for free or an event. This reduces the amount of junk mail that is distributed within your email. It also improves your internal culture, as staff can share events and news with their fellow work mates.

Staff Directory
This function allows staff to easily look up contact details for key personnel.

The main thing is to keep your employees tuned into your intranet. Our experience has shown that the best way to achieve this is through a delicate balance of formal and informal updates, company-wide and role-specific information. We'll show you how.

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