Why is retargeting marketing important?

Sep 7, 2018Content Marketing

First things first, what is retargeting marketing?

We’re likely all to have seen it, we just might not know it by name. Retargeting is the process of tagging people who visit your website by placing a special code, or cookie, on their browser to follow them around the internet and remind them of a page they’ve previously viewed. When it first came out, some people found retargeting a little creepy (isn’t being followed by the internet a bit ‘big brother’?) but nowadays it’s better understood, more sophisticated and it’s paying dividends to the brands that use it.

Why does it work so well?

According to Forrester research, 96% of web visitors don’t convert to a lead or sale. That’s not to say they aren’t interested in your product, it just means they’re not ready to buy. Retargeting offers a great opportunity to encourage repeat visits (idea: you can entice people with a discount code), heighten brand recall and steer potential warm leads to content of interest.

So how do you set it up?

You’ll need an eye catching banner ad, a piece of code to make it work and the digital savvy to link the two together. We can help you with this. Get in touch to talk through some options.

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