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Oct 6, 2019Digital marketing, Social Media

When you think social media marketing, you usually assume it is in reference to Facebook and LinkedIn. However, there are other platforms that serve as effective platforms for digital advertising. Pinterest is one we have been getting some great results from lately. Did you know every month there are more than 7 million unique visitors in Australia actively using Pinterest to get creative inspiration?

People come to Pinterest to plan. From bigger life moments such as planning a dream holiday or a special celebration to smaller, everyday moments such as a new recipe to cook for dinner, or deciding on the right outfit for the races or graduation.

Get noticed through imagery

Pinterest is a great way for your business to get noticed as it’s a simple tool that engages customers effectively. Its success is due to its highly visual functionality. If you have a business that’s really visual then Pinterest is a fantastic way of driving traffic to your website. 

Pinterest is an ideal place for the tourism industry to advertise because they can reach their audience early in their path to travel planning. This year we have been working with Tourism NT to create a visual dialogue in Pinterest around weddings in the Northern Territory. We have had huge success from this campaign. Tourism content is great to work with as it’s highly visual with stunning images of wedding ceremonies in unique Territory locations including the bush, dessert, national parks and romantic beach settings. 

Couples planning their wedding want to be able to find things they are interested in from flowers, to hair styles, to wedding dresses and locations. Pinterest allows users to Pin an image to their Board which means they can keep the image and can always come back to it. We have had brides tell us that using Pinterest gave them a huge amount of inspiration, and allowed them to create real insight into the type of styling and imagery they wanted to achieve on their special day.

Increase traffic to your website

As a business you can leverage off this. Your business can use sponsored and organic Pins to increase traffic to your website as users click through from the image to your site.

The Pins can have text (unlike sponsored Facebook posts). This means there are no rules around it, so you can have as much or as little text as you like. Below we have provided examples of what we think is an ideal amount of text.

To advertise You do need to have a business account for paid advertising, which you will need to verify against your website, but it’s a very simple process.

Our key take-home messages when using Pinterest are:

  • Vertical Pins look the best
  • Use great quality images that are eye catching
  • Add text to your image – this will make it stand out more
  • Provide a strong call to action – this should match what’s on your webpage
  • Use paid and organic content – a combination of both is best.

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