Trigger Marketing – Automating actions based on your customers interaction.

Sep 25, 2019Content Marketing, Email Marketing / CRM, Social Media

“Digital marketing is so time consuming” is a complaint we hear often, and it’s true.

However one of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting the best returns for your digital marketing is setting up automations based on triggers. It takes the time out of having to recreate the wheel each time.

Customers come into your business via various doors. It might be the front door, or via your website or social media. More often than not the action you want them to take is the same one. By thinking through the various touch points within your business you can map out the process you want them to go through, and then have it run in the background.

There are various Trigger paths you might establish

The Always On

These are those triggers that are instigated by your audience actions.

As an example:

You go to a website and see a lovely pair of red shoes. You realise you need to wait a couple of days for your pay to come in, so don’t buy.

Two days later those same pair of red shoes show up in your social feed. Feeling it is karma and you are just meant to have those shoes, so you purchase them. (shh.. We know when you purchase a product based on the check-out page you are sent to after you have brought).

But hey, the buying circle isn’t complete. You need a new bag to go with those shoes. So the next evening, your social feed just happens to feature a red bag.. The perfect match for those shoes. The cycle can be endless.

These are all triggers that can happen everytime someone new looks at those red shoes.

Location based

Another type of trigger can be based on when your customer physically comes into a space. It could be your own shop as an example. We can set a trigger for a social post to be pushed after the GPS identifies that they have been in your vicinity. 

Another option though could be when they are passing through. A simple example here is using the social media option to send a sponsored post to someone who is ‘travelling through’ a location. This is great for tourism as it separates those social media users who live in the location, verse travellers.


Then there is always those special campaigns. Christmas, new products or services, offers etc. The best method here is to use your mailing list, as they are qualified leads, which means they already have a relationship with you. 

The triggers associated here can be actions that occur based on your audience engagement with an email newsletter. Some examples can be, if they click a link, send them a post on Facebook. If they don’t click, send them a different version of the newsletter a week later, with a different headline and call to action.

The key to trigger happiness is planning.

At Captovate we have developed a diagnostic tool to ask the questions to help build the steps to building triggers.

See below for our lastest offer.


Lining up your digital ducks

Do you want to set up your own marketing triggers?

We have created our own “digital duck diagnostic”, which helps us to work through what triggers best suit your audience.

We ask a series of questions, and then identify what content is required.


We have a special offer. Meet with our team and we will provide you a roadmap for your trigger advertising.

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1 hour consultation


Your personalised “digital duck diagnostic”


A digital review of your current profiles and website.

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