There is a rule in marketing that a person needs to be exposed to your business at least 7 times before they buy.

The mistake people make in digital marketing is they make a Facebook post and wait.. What! Where are the customers??

Just like face to face, customers need to build a relationship with a business before they buy.

That doesn’t mean they need to see the same post 7 times…. now that is just spam.

Use different platforms, create different types of content, and give a different value offer.


Connect with your custom via different platforms.

  • Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin – but don’t use the same content for all of them, all at once. 

– Facebook posts should contain links to your website where possible. The content can be longer and contain more information. Use a video when you can on Facebook.

– Instagram is about an awesome imagery. If you don’t have a good image, then look to use Stories, where the visuals can be more raw.

– With LinkedIn you need to be personally connected to the audience for them to see the content. LinkedIn posts should contain professional value for your audience. 

  • Newsletters – these actually convert higher than social media, because for someone to be on your mailing list they have already engaged with you. They have either signed up via your website, given you their email address personally or brought into a previous campaign.

Different types of content

Did you know different types of social content get you better engagement.

Instant Experiences gain 40% more engagement than a standard post

Carousels posts gain 30% more engagement than a standard post

Videos gain 50% more engagement than an image post.

Different value offer

You can say the same thing, but in different ways to capture people’s attention.

Consider the below – they all say ‘we sell coconut milk” but in different ways. They also provide value, rather than billboarding they have provided information that is of use to someone. This would encourage the user to save your content, share or tag it, plus it is more memorable.

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