The Digital Evolution of Humpty Doo Barramundi

Oct 1, 2020Content Marketing, Digital marketing, Websites

Businesses are always changing and steering in different directions. As a business owner, how do you keep up with that in the digital world?

And not only keep up, but take a hold of digital and thrive. The story of Humpty Doo Barra is one of adapting to digital change and business growth. 

Established in 1993, Humpty Doo Barramundi are a family-owned and operated aquaculture business in the NT. They produce premium (we can vouch for this, it’s delicious) saltwater Barra and supply it to a bunch of Territory restaurants as well as venues all around Australia.

We’re long term friends…

We’ve been lucky enough to have had Humpty Doo Barra as a long-term client of Captovate, and watching their business grow has been an exciting process. 

We built their first website over 7 years ago, and for its time it was a great success. But this year we were keen to work with the team at Humpty Doo Barra to redevelop the site and bring it into 2020.

They also used the NT Government’s Digital Solutions Grant, a part of the Business Growth Program that aims to help small businesses in the NT. 

“Our initial website was used as a repository of information to create awareness of the brand and introduce people to the story of the farmsays Tarun, co-owner and brand manager of Humpty Doo Barra. 

“Our brand profile has grown over the years, and while we will always need to introduce ourselves to new audiences, we have a better idea of the information people are looking for about us,”.

Since COVID, Humpty Doo Barra have also noticed a huge consumer swing towards Australian farmed products, so it was time to make the most of that.


What we did

With Tarun’s help, we identified Humpty Doo Barra’s main audiences and used that as the foundation for building an engaging and ultimately successful new website. This meant good organisation of the information people are looking for. 

Tarun also recognised that a lot of this audience are attracted to the outdoor lifestyle that comes with Barra farming and the seafood industry, so we emulated that with a strong focus on visual assets across all pages. 

One of the most exciting additions to the website is a feature with mouth-watering Barra recipes and tips how to best cook fish. 

The result
Humpty Doo Barra have had a great response to the new website. 

We also trained Tarun up on using the back end of the site to make changes, giving her more freedom with the direction of the website. 

“I love the freedom I have with structuring the pages. It’s so easy to set up pages specifically for mobile if I want to retain a layout that suits a desktop page that doesn’t display well in mobile view – it allows for more room for creativity”. 

“We have big plans for reaching out to our customers in new ways through our website which wasn’t possible with the old site”. 

If you’d like to know how our team at Captovate can help your business grow its digital presence, or how you can make the most out of the NT Government grants, give us a call on (08) 8941 6888. 


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