Jason Hanna’s Success Story

Aug 11, 2020Digital marketing, e - Commerce, Websites

Introducing Jason… 

Jason Hanna is one of our innovative business people. He owns a number restaurants across Darwin and Palmerston, working hard to make sure they’re all serving delicious food and quality service. 

Jason undeniably leads a busy life. Managing and coordinating restaurants will do that to a person. Online ordering is crucial to help things run smoothly, but before Deliverish, Jason struggled to find a system that was affordable and worked well.

“UberEats and others like Deliveroo are just wanting to make as much money as they can, they don’t care if it drags us under in the process” says Jason.

Creating Deliverish

Jason gave us the valuable feedback and collaborated with Captovate to help us create Deliverish. So naturally, he was one of the first to get his restaurants on board when Deliverish.com.au launched. Jason now has CHOW, Good Times Bar, Lazy Susans, The Deck Bar, AttaBoy Burgers and Nirvana on the platform.

“It’s perfect for us. Everything’s streamlined and we can change things in the back-end as we need to”.

“If I can give any advice to other restaurateurs in Darwin, it’s to get on Deliverish. We’ve got to band together as locals now more than ever”.

If you’re keen to know more or want to get your business on board, give us a call at Captovate on 08 8941 6888. 


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