Giving Rise PC a New Digital Perspective

Aug 20, 2020Content Marketing, Digital marketing, SEO, Websites

The Story of Rise PC

Steve and Anna have lived in Darwin for over 12 years. Like many, they came up here for 3 months, fell in love with our renowned tropical lifestyle and never left. 

Thinking outside the box is a pivotal part of being innovative in business. It was Steve’s 10 years of experience working on remote construction projects in Northern Australia that inspired him to look for new technologies that could make construction projects safer, more efficient and cost-effective. A few years ago, Steve bought a drone and Rise PC was born. 

“We’ve evolved from a business that did drone roof inspection to a construction consultancy that provides multiple technologies (drone, 3D scanning, remote camera monitoring and underwater ROVs) to an extensive range of clients”.

The challenges they’ve faced

Creating brand awareness is a crucial step to achieving marketing goals. By making people more aware of your brand, you can drive relevant audiences to recognise and recall your business. As Rise have shown us, the brand story of a business naturally evolves over time so keeping up with that is important. 

“One of our biggest challenges has been a lack of awareness about the innovative technologies we use and how we apply them to construction projects. We only had basic marketing collateral and knew that we needed to develop and increase our digital presence with a dynamic, professional website that reflected our innovative services”.


What Captovate have done

Steve and Anna used the NT Government’s Digital Solutions Grant to build the new website. This is a part of the NTG’s small business program. 

Captovate built a website that reflects the unique scope of what Rise do. Despite the technical complexity of being a project consultancy company, keeping the website simple with just 4 landing pages (Home, About Us, Our Services and Our Process) made sure that the information is clear and user-friendly. 

One of our key goals was to make clear links between the technologies Rise use and how they’re applied to construction projects. We integrated Youtube videos into the homepage to give potential clients evidence of what Rise do, avoiding blocks of boring and unnecessary text that are guaranteed to lose the audience’s attention in about 0.5 seconds. 

“Working closely with Karen was an incredibly rewarding experience as it drove us to develop new content, to redefine our services and to refine our case studies. It was an opportunity for us to develop our valuable video content which is a key way in which we engage and educate about how our technology can benefit construction projects”. 

“The final website is more than we could have wished for and truly represents our business”. 

If you’d like to know how we can help your business grow its digital presence or how you can make the most of the NTG’s Business Growth Program, call us on (08) 8941 6888.


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