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Sep 7, 2018Email Marketing / CRM

Why is email marketing important?

You’ve launched a brand new website with all the bells and whistles, you’ve got your blogs off to a flying start, and you’ve interviewed your customers for some A grade case studies. Job done, right? Unfortunately, not quite. Email marketing sometimes gets a bad rep, especially since we’re all drowning in emails (now where have we heard that before?). Sadly all the impersonal and excessive email marketing campaigns we’ve been subjected to over the years has made us tune out to most of what’s in our inbox, which is a shame since it’s actually still a really important marketing channel. After all, how are your customers or prospects going to know what you’ve been working on unless you tell them? It’s leaving a lot to chance to expect them to find you. But this doesn’t mean email marketing is dead in the water. It just means we have to work harder to spark interest. Getting your email marketing campaigns off the ground takes a planned approach, a sophisticated content management system which allows you to segment your data and analyse your audience (don’t overlook this one – it’s imperative!), and excellent copy. Simplicity is key when it comes to messaging. Don’t be tempted to go overboard with the images or add absolutely everything you want to say in the body of your email (the aim is to get them to click through). Keep your message succinct, authentic and enticing. There are heaps of content management systems to choose from out there, so knowing which one to choose for your organisation can be confusing. It’s worth asking an expert for advice here; it’ll save a lot of headaches down the line. Email marketing is more effective than ever Just when you thought email marketing was dead, it has made come back with avengeance. This is because of the wealth of information associated the old humble email address, from social media profiles to website subscriptions and web browsing data. With this insight into customer profiles and behaviour, it means that you can target your email campaigns to customer segments, ensuring they only receive content they are interested in. This helps increase engagement levels and ultimately increases conversions. What’s more exciting is that you can also automate email campaigns based on certain pages people have visited, their stage of buying or even depending on how they engaged with a previous email. Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, but it’s important to build a strategy that maximises engagement and drives more conversions. At Captovate, we specialise in a number of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and email marketing softwares, so get in touch with us today and we’ll chat about how we can turn you into an email marketing machine!

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