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Oct 9, 2018Websites

The importance of clearing your cookies – saving money!

I recently saved $130 on an airline ticket, just by clearing the cache. What’s a cache?…I hear you ask. It’s not a funky new type of suitcase or travel bag. It’s all to do with what’s stored in your internet web browser. Airlines can see when you are searching flights online, and consumer behaviour shows that most of us visit numerous airline websites to do a price comparison. Each time you go back to a website the airline knows you are interested in making a purchase and may increase the price each subsequent visit. Are you wondering how they know that you have already visited their website? It is because of the cookies stored in your cache. By going to your web browser settings and clearing the cache you will appear as a first-time visitor to a website. We know the technology is there, but we don’t want to think it’s true. So we tested this recently on a flight that was $320 at the start of the search, a return search saw it go up to $450. After clearing the cache and searching again it went back to $320…so our tip is, clear your cache every time you search and save a lot of money.
How to clear cookies from your cache
Every browser cache manages cookies slightly differently. The cookies are very clever and they retain information about your website visits and then send information from your web browser to websites. Sometimes this works to your advantage so you don’t have to enter all your information such as your username and password every time you login to a website. Clearing your cache will get rid of the cookies (and your information). Adjusting your settings can vary slightly depending on what web browser you use. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, for example, will require you to go to your ‘settings’ → you might have to look for an ‘advanced’ settings option → then select ‘clear browsing data’. There is a way to stop new cookies from being installed. The exact procedure depends on which browser you are using, so Google it for directions. Mobile Apps can cache your browsing data too. However, clearing the cache on your smart device can be a little bit more tricky and you would need to clear the cache for each application. There may be other reasons that airlines increase prices such as rising fuel prices, but it’s worth completing this simple action to avoid even the smallest price increase due to your browsing behaviour.

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