Should you Pay for LinkedIn?

What are the Benefits of Paid Accounts? Here is our summary of the different pricing models for LinkedIn, to help you make your decision on whether it is worth paying for. This information is true and correct as per the LinkedIn website in October 2018 Free Premium...

Not having a privacy policy can affect your google ranking

Introducing Google TrustRank, in 2018 your website is no longer ranked based solely on keywords but rather on the relevance of your website to the user. Google uses different components of your website in their algorithm and generates a ranking accordingly. Part of...

How to resize the image on your linked post

  How to resize the image on your linked social media post?  There is nothing more frustrating than creating a post and trying to link it to a website, only to find that the image it dynamically pulls across isn't optimised for social sharing. Here is an...

Clearing your cache

  The importance of clearing your cookies - saving money!   I recently saved $130 on an airline ticket, just by clearing the cache. What’s a cache?...I hear you ask. It’s not a funky new type of suitcase or travel bag. It’s all to do with what’s stored in...

How to use jokes and memes effectively on social media

  Have you ever been in an awkward social situation like a party, or a training session where you don’t know anyone, and nobody is really talking to each other and everybody is unsure of what is going on? I think we can probably all relate. A hashtag “LifeHack”...

Why is retargeting marketing important?

  First things first, what is retargeting marketing?   We’re likely all to have seen it, we just might not know it by name. Retargeting is the process of tagging people who visit your website by placing a special code, or cookie, on their browser to follow...

Email marketing

  Why is email marketing important? You’ve launched a brand new website with all the bells and whistles, you’ve got your blogs off to a flying start, and you’ve interviewed your customers for some A grade case studies. Job done, right? Unfortunately, not quite....

Content marketing

  Why is content marketing important? In our complex, digital and data driven world, what skills do you think are most valuable in the workplace? Maths, science, technology and engineering are definitely all up there. But what about the art of storytelling?...

Targeting social media posts

  Hidden feature in Facebook that is essential for targeting your posts. There is one little known feature in Facebook that helps publishers target their unpaid content to their select audience. This feature needs to be activated within settings and is often...

Up and away at Darwin Airport

  Darwin International Airport is now one of the Territory's best examples of mobile web design. We’re delighted that Darwin International Airport’s new website is now live. Captovate and Darwin International Airport (DIA) have worked together for a number of...

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