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Transforming workplace education


How important is internal training?

Successful organisations recognise the importance of investing in their most valuable asset: their employees. Training is vitally important in business. Not only does it support your staff with the tools and knowledge to perform their day-to-day job, but when executed effectively, it makes employees feel valued, which boosts morale and improves employee retention.

How our e-learning services can help

Our practitioners are trained graphic designers, which means we create visual learning experiences that really engage the audience.

Whether we’re starting content from scratch or modifying existing courses, we custom design each screen and interaction so the product has a consistent look and feel.

Keeping your staff engaged

To get the most value from this, we design courses and tutorials that are interactive and fun. In previous projects, we have included Avatars as guides, or voice over recordings to navigate through complex content. We want to avoid anything too text heavy. That’s the best way for e-learning to stick.

Our educational consultant can work with you to decide the best approach for your organisation, be it through a presentation, quiz, or learning through doing.

What systems do we use?

Our preferred solution is the authoring tool Articulate, and most recently we have built our solutions in Articulate Storyline. But we’ve also used Articulate Studio for previous projects, as well as Adobe Captivate.

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