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Case StudyA powerful intranet for government

NTG Central


Case Study

Captovate’s biggest intranet project to date, is the whole of Northern Territory Government’s internal services portal, known as NTG Central.

Captovate has a strong commitment to local capacity development within the Northern Territory. Having a local team is not only much more convenient and efficient, but it also allows us to develop a stronger rapport with our clients and to truly appreciate the unique values of their projects and those of the Northern Territory.
Michael Hawkes, Managing Director, Captovate
The Brief 

Driven by the Department of Corporate and Information Services and bringing together content from all of NTG’s shared service agencies including Corporate Services, Treasury, Business, Chief Minister and more, our brief was to plan, design and deliver a tool that was engaging and super user friendly. 

Using Drupal gave the Captovate team a major boost in our ability to deliver more flexibility, functionality and ‘outside the square’ experiences for users. 

As expected, the magnitude of content and users for an intranet of this scope was enormous, so a lot of very careful user consultation, testing, planning and information architecture was completed before any code was written, in order to map out an innovative and effective tool that allows thousands of Government employees to find the right tools and information to manage their jobs and keep on top of day-to-day work.

The approach we proposed from all this planning was a distinctly app-like tool, that was first and foremost about the functions and pathways for quickly and easily drilling down through multiple layers of information without getting lost or frustrated. 

We designed a home page that achieved this through an interactive mega menu navigation structure that allowed multi-layer exploration, coupled with powerful search and quick access to key categories like contacts and online tools.

All these quick access tools sit alongside 749 pages of content and a whopping 1103 (and counting) documents, all arranged into tidy logical categories that make this minefield of information feel simple and even pleasant to navigate through. NTG Central celebrated a soft launch to selected agencies late in November 2014, and already the response from users has been fantastic, with over 86,000 views and great uptake of the handy new tools on offer.

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The 1,541 documents arranged into tidy logical categories that make this minefield of information feel simple and even pleasant to navigate through.

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