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Case StudyA handy app for fishermen in the NT

Department of Fisheries

App Design & Development

Case Study

There's nothing more Aussie than fishing in the NT. 'NT Fishing Mate' is a handy iOS and Android app that helps recreational fishermen check possession limits, find boat ramps and view restriction zones.

The app provides us with the best of both worlds; smooth native screens whilst being easy to update through the CMS.
Evan Needham, NTG
The Brief 

The Department of Fisheries required an application that would provide helpful information about possession limits and boat ramps, with the focus on educating and alerting fishermen about various restriction zones. It required update-able page content and push notifications. The catch? All this functionality had to be accessible offline.

We managed this by building the functionality within a CMS which feeds into the app. Restriction zone details, including a KML file of the location, is then uploaded into the application when changes occur. Even with no internet connection, the app is able to determine the user's GPS location to trigger local notifications when within proximity of a restriction zone. 


A responsive, handy app for fishermen in the NT.

Project Fast Facts

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active users


managed for easy updates


kml files layered over Google Maps

No annoying push notifications

When in close proximity of a boat ramp, the app pushes a notification with helpful info about the ramp and fishing region. However, to avoid annoying notifications when driving past, the app waits for 20secs before pushing.

Case StudyA website that embodies the school culture

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