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Areas of Expertise

We are a Full Service Agency Specialising in all Things Digital


We've been around for over 10 years and in that time we've changed the face of hundreds of websites, built beautiful apps, created intranets that people truly enjoy using and become specialists in social media. Our number one goal is to help you generate more leads and more revenue. And we've been in the business long enough to know that a well-developed, well designed, well written website will make people want to do business with you. We've listed a handful of our skills below. Find out more about our team.

Meet the Team

We Surround Ourselves with Great People

We have an exceptionally talented team with broad capabilities, boundless enthusiasm and a love for their specialist fields.



Areas of expertise

Karen is Captovate’s Projects Director, supporting clients to identify their needs, coordinating information flow and managing project milestones and deadlines to ensure completion is stress free and within designated timelines. Karen is Captovate’s social media expert.

  • - Stakeholder & Client Liaison
  • - Content Planning
  • - Information Design
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Web Usability
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Workshop Facilitation
  • - Project Management
  • - Business & Website Analysis

Michael HAWKES

Managing Director

Areas of expertise

Michael has over 15 years’ experience in digital communications. He has extensive experience in managing large complex web projects, specialising in web usability and information architecture. As a creative thinker, he thrives on providing customers with unique innovative solutions.

  • - ICT Account Management
  • - Content Planning
  • - Information Design
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Web Usability
  • - Web Marketing
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Website Analysis
  • - Workshop Facilitation
  • - Business Analysis
  • - Project Management
  • - Stakeholder and Client Liaison


Client Support Manager


Areas of expertise

Peta has been with Captovate for over 6 years and has a solid relationship with our long term clients. Her main role is to coordinate the maintenance and support of our live websites. This means that she looks after the hosting and back-end upgrades but also works with clients to ensure their sites are always up to date, accommodating any additional functional requirements they may need, or supporting them in updating items themselves.

  • - Project Management
  • - Resource Allocation
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Website Analysis
  • - Benchmarking
  • - Drupal Editing
  • - Client Relationship Management


Senior Web Developer


Areas of expertise

With advanced Drupal development skills and an appetite for code, Marco is able to come up with innovative solutions and put them into practice with panache. He has a knack for implementing smooth and seamless interactions in Drupal sites that make even the most complex behind the scenes calculations or call-ups seem effortless to the user. 

  • - Drupal 7, 8
  • - WordPress
  • - MySource Matrix  
  • - PHP
  • - HTML / CSS / SASS
  • - JQuery
  • - Server Management
  • - Github Code Management
  • - Accessibility / Usability / SEO
  • - Custom Module Development


Digital Strategist

Areas of expertise

Ramon’s approach brings together a unique combination of big picture thinking with nuts and bolts implementation to create successful digital strategies for small and medium business clients. Beginning at brand level and the company’s overall business strategy, Ramon helps to define how digital marketing and productivity tools can be used most effectively.

  • - Web Strategy
  • - Workshops & Focus Groups
  • - User Journey's
  • - Information Architecture
  • - UX Design
  • - Marketing Strategy
  • -  Stakeholder & Client Liaison

Matt Shigang


Areas of expertise

Shigang Xing (Matt) is a versatile and enthusiastic developer, with skills in site installation, maintenance, updating, troubleshooting, theme development and installation profiles.

  • - Drupal 7, 8
  • - Hyper V / VMware
  • - PHP / SASS / ASP / SQL
  • - HTML / CSS / SASS
  • - JavaScript / JQuery
  • - Server Management - IIS
  • - Search Engine Optimisation

Emeline Laurent


Areas of expertise

Emeline brings significant user experience design expertise to our company. Before Captovate, Emeline worked at a web design agency in France. One of her major projects was working on the famous round-the-world yacht race "Vendee Globe".

  • - User Experience Design
  • - Web Design
  • - Usability
  • - Accessibility  
  • - Print and Graphic Design

Kayley Edwards

Digital Content Specialist

Areas of expertise

Kayley has joined us from the UK where she worked in content marketing roles for companies ranging from Fortune 1000 to start-ups. Kayley researches, writes and edits our client copy, and trains our customers to take the lead with their own web copy editing once their projects are in full swing.

  • - Content Strategy
  • - Copywriting and Editing
  • - Training and Support
  • - Direct & Digital Marketing
  • - Marketing Campaign Management
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Social Media Marketing

Romain Le Polh


Areas of expertise

Romain is proficient in site installation, maintenance, updating, troubleshooting, custom module and theme development, installation profiles, Drupal coding standards and training.

  • - Symfony / Laravel
  • - NodeJS / VueJS
  • - PHP / Python
  • - Drupal 7, 8
  • - Drupal Console
  • - HTML / CSS / SASS
  • - JS / jQuery
  • - Server Management
  • - Versioning (Git, Svn)
  • - Accessibility
  • - Usability
  • - Search Engine Optimisation

Tom Buck

Junior Developer

Areas of expertise

Tom is a recent graduate, honing his skills in content management, e-learn production, support and maintenance services. He is also developing expertise in theme development, installation profiles, Drupal coding standards and training.

  • - Drupal 7, 8
  • - SASS / CSS / JavaScript
  • - Multimedia production

Leonardo Kesselring

UX Designer

Areas of expertise

Leonardo is a visual and digital designer. He offers a versatile skill-set of digital design expertise, driving engagement through carefully considered UI, UX and web standards. He brings experience working for a wide array of clients for more than 10 years and a background in fast paced agencies in Australia and South America.

  • - Web design
  • - User experience
  • - Information architecture
  • - Brand design
  • - E-Commerce
  • - Web usability
  • - Digital marketing
  • - Responsive designs

Shahriar Jamshidi

Software Engineer

Areas of expertise

Shahriar has over 17 years of experience in enterprise software development and 6 years in native mobile. He specialises in architecture of enterprise systems integration as well as end to end mobile and server side solutions. 

  • - Scala
  • - Java, Android
  • - Objective C, iOS
  • - C / C++
  • - Javascript, Angular ReactJS, Backbone
  • - XSLT
  • - Project management
  • - Software design and architecture
  • - DB Tuning and optimisation
  • - Data analysis
  • - Cloud VM setup (AWS Heroku Rackspace Digital Ocean)

Kylie Beveridge

Digital Content Editor

Areas of expertise

Kylie has nine years’ experience in the legal publishing industry. She is proficient in drafting and proofreading technical documentation, and is adept at checking, updating and publishing data within content management systems. With an exceptional eye for detail, Kylie is a whiz with content editing and markup.

  • - Proofreading
  • - Content Editing (legal, government & IT)
  • - Technical Documentation
  • - XML, HTML & CSS
  • - Word processing, Excel & InDesign

Lyndall Warton

Digital Content Specialist

Areas of expertise

Lyndall is a client focused information specialist with a passion for information dissemination and retrieval in the digital environment. Her experience as an editor and proofreader for academics, schools and research institutions has developed to a high standard over the past seven years. More recently she has been involved in writing and editing online learning modules and web content management. Lyndall is Darwin-based and is interested in social media, writing, research, health and education.

  • Digital content specialist
  • Information architect
  • Digital accessibility
  • Metadata professional
  • Information retrieval expert
  • Project management
  • Copywriting and editing
  • E-learning

Juhani Vaataja


Areas of expertise

Juhani has an extensive background in developing commercial web applications, and web development has always been his number one passion. His aim is to find and utilise the most efficient solutions to customers’ requirements. Juhani is a key part of the development team in delivering specialised functionality and solutions, as well as assisting in the development of Content Management System customisations.

  • Drupal 7, 8, Wordpress & MySource Matrix  
  • Custom module development
  • PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / XML / JSON / SASS
  • AJAX frameworks  - JQuery, Mootools, Prototype
  • Server management - Apache - Linux/Unix
  • Git Hub code management
  • Accessibility  
  • Usability  
  • Search engine optimisation


Vacant Position

Areas of expertise

We are looking for a highly skilled developer, preferably with Drupal experience, and ideally with these skills:

- Drupal development
- Specialist level HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP
- Responsive design and development
- An in-depth understanding of best practice web development
- Ability to decipher all those layers in Photoshop made by our designers
- Confidence to learn new technologies and problem solve to achieve required outcomes
- Confidence to communicate with a variety of people at various levels
- Demonstrated ability of working in a dynamic environment, within a small team where the expectation is to show initiative and independence but still be able to pull together as a team to get the job done right and on time

David Louie

Elearn Developer

David LouieDavid Louie

Areas of expertise

David is Captovate's elearn developer. He has 8 years' experience working in learning design for corporates and registered training organisations. With a background in instructional design, David has extensive knowledge of Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. David is also an experienced editor and technical writer. David's experience includes: Delivery of nationally recognised qualifications.

  • - Delivery of elearning compliance modules for private and government organisations
  • - Delivery of systems based training learning modules
  • - Interactive quizzing
  • - Client relationship management
  • - Web editing

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